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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christine!

The exit course trigger in Storyline 360 doesn't work in all HTML5 browsers due to browser limitations. Do you know what browser your teammate used to review the course? Did you publish for HTML5 first or HTML5 only?

Try publishing with Flash first or Flash only, just for comparison's sake. Have you teammate test the Exit Course button again, and let me know if that solves it. 

Christine Carlstead

Hello Alyssa. I have run into another snag. My Storyline courses have been uploaded to our SharePoint site and the Exit Course button is not working again. I have published them to Web as Flash/HTML5 and as just Flash. The Exit Course button didn't work with either one. Any suggestions? Oh and to answer your first question, we are using Internet Explorer 11.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ari,

So sorry for the confusion! We've gotten some further clarification from our Product team on how the exit course trigger behaves in Articulate Review.

Exit course triggers and player tabs won't work in Articulate Review. However, they'll work in browsers that allow tabs to close programmatically when your published output is hosted on a web server or LMS.

You can find this and other exceptions for Articulate Review here

Training  Specialists

thanks for the update.  It is a bit frustrating to have to add a 'caveat' slide for my end reviewers with this information.  It usually means we have to set the course up at the end in a second environment to ensure that player tabs and exit buttons can be shown to the end reviewers.

I hope this is something that your developers are working on addressing.  The review tool was something that was touted as a big selling point, and while it gives you 90% of what you need, that last 10% is important as well.



Toni Hunter

I continually get complaints when my colleagues or clients are trying to review and the close button in Review 360 doesn't work. I've resorted to adding a comment at the end of every course in the comments tab to say that the close button doesn't work but it would be nice to have this fixed for reviews.