Exporting comments from Review not working

Apr 24, 2024

HI, Today, as I am exporting comments in the pdf format from Review, the exported pdf is blank. Am trying to urgently collate the comments for sharing with the business group. I have not encountered this issue before and it is odd. Please could you help urgently. Thanks

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Rekha, 

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you've run into this snag when exporting comments from Review 360. I was unable to replicate this behavior on my end. 

  • When exporting comments, what format are you selecting for Comment Order (By Slide or By Recent)
  • If you were to try exporting the comments with CSV format, are able to see the comments display? 
  • What browser are you currently using? Does this behavior happen in a different browser?

Feel free to share the exported PDF as well to this thread or privately in a support case so we can take a closer look at that as well!  

Looking forward to hearing from you!