Fuzzy Text Under Notes Tab

Oct 11, 2020

Using Studio 360 and Articulate Review 360 ...

One of my clients is reporting that the text  under the Notes Tab in the Player is fuzzy on some screens, but not on others. He's reported this on different project files.

I'm not overly concerned; I don't see any difference view the same content on multiple machines and displays. And as long as it doesn't show up when published to LMS, I'm fine.

But it would be nice to be able to say something more than, "I don't know."

Ideas, anyone?




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Ren Gomez

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out! Do you know if this issue is only appearing when publishing to Review 360? Have you tried publishing to a different format, such as an LMS, to confirm?

We'd be happy to look at your file and see if there's a specific reason why this is popping up. Feel free to share your Articulate Package with our support team, and they can take a closer look!

Share your files with us.

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