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Jul 24, 2019

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone has any best practices for keeping track of assets that they'd like to share. I'm thinking about future changes that will impact courses in my LMS.

Example: I built a Storyline interactive that will be part of a course in my LMS. It will also likely find its way into a Rise360 course as an interactive element. If something changes (branding, the name of a workshop/product, screenshot, etc.), I'll need to change it in the interactive but then also update it everywhere it appeared. How do I keep track? (I'm all about efficiency)

My hunch is that I'll have to start a Google Sheet, but I'm wondering if anyone has a faster and easier method. I appreciate any pointers and tricks. Thank you, in advance!

Be well, and happy creating,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


It's a good idea to keep a record of what and where you'd have to update things, but if you're using Storyline 360 you may want to look at using the Media Library feature. That would allow you to change an image in one spot and have it changed throughout a single course. It's a feature exclusive to Storyline 360!

I hope that helps, and I'm always curious to see what other community ideas are shared here! 

PI Learning Center

Ashley, this is very helpful to know in general... thank you for sharing! Let's say, though, I have built a one slide drag and drop exercise that I pulled in as a block in a Rise360 course. I publish it to Review360, go to Rise360, and pull it into my course. Now, let's say something changes to that one slide exercise. When I update it and publish it to Review360, it doesn't automatically update in Rise360, from what I've experienced so far. 

So, if I have that one slide exercise in multiple Rise360 courses, I have to remember which ones it lives in, correct? Does Review360 "know" or is it able to tell me all of the places I've added it into a Rise360 course? 

Crystal Horn

Hey there, TDG. You're right. When you update a Storyline 360 course, it will need to be re-added to Rise 360. Rise 360 actually pulls the Storyline output into the course, so it isn't a live instance of the current version on Review 360.

To help, could you use comments in Review 360 to note which Rise 360 courses include that Storyline interaction?

PI Learning Center

Thanks, Crystal... that might work! I think I'm going to try a Google Sheet and the Review 360 notes and see which method(s) are the easiest to do, most efficient, easiest to remember, and are the most scalable. It'd be great if there were options when you were exporting an element. I'd love to say, "update this everywhere it lives". Maybe one day! 

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