Low Sound Volume

Mar 15, 2018

I am in what I think is Articulate Review, trying to review a course that an instructional designer sent but unlike all previous times on this exact course, the sound volume is so low I can barely hear it.  The sound problem is not my computer since I can hear other sounds from other applications like YouTube for instance.

I have checked all the sound properties, etc. from the Control Panel and have tried rebooting and using headphones, but all to no avail.

There's got to be a setting in the application for sound!?!?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Monte!  That sounds really odd.  Do you still get a normal volume from previous versions of that course?  If this is a new version of a previously published course, you should have the ability to view older versions:

As for audio controls, the designer might have chosen to include a volume button on the player (the outer shell around the course):

Have you mentioned this drastic volume difference to the designer yet?  If there's an issue with the course that our support team can help address, we would want to see the source file. 

If the designer would like to participate in this discussion thread or reach out to our support team, that would be my recommended next step!

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