Resuming where one left off in review

Aug 21, 2018


I have my course set to allow the user to resume where they last left off upon exit. The course is almost two hours including all modules. For those who are reviewing the course for me, I wonder if they are able to do the same.

Every time I log into the course it starts at the beginning. Does it behave the same way for anyone else and if so, can this be changed?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Andrew!

You'll see a prompt to resume message when you view published content on a web server or a learning management system, but not in Articulate Review. Each time you visit the Articulate Review link, the content will start over from the beginning. 

For longer courses, it's helpful to enable the player menu, to make it easier for your reviewers to jump around in the course. When you're ready to publish the final course for learners, you can remove the menu again. 

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