Review 360 comments are not aligning with Rise comments in Chrome or Edge.

Dec 20, 2022

I put in a ticket for this but wondered if anyone else has experienced this:

The comments are not aligned with the screenshots in R360. I've attached a video explainer of the process. Hopefully, this is an easy fix. It makes no sense. It seems to be screenshotting the top of the block instead of where I am showing it.

Firefox works. Chrome and Edge do not. This is super frustrating, especially for the SMEs, who don't want to have to take extra steps or use a new browser.


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Kristin,

Sorry to hear that you ran into a similar issue. As a troubleshooting step, can you try adjusting the DPI setting of your monitor to a value close to 100% to see if this fixes the issue? 

You can right-click anywhere on your desktop and select Display Settings to modify this value. You'll also want to make sure all of your browsers are up-to-date. 

If the issue persists, please open a case with our support team here so we can check what's happening.


Richard Bauer

New user here. Using Chrome and Edge and the comments do not adhere to the copy reference. Really frustrated. Can someone report out a solution if you get one? This is such a wonderful product, and I appreciate Articulate not charging us for licensing $$$ so that our bosses or clients can look at our work, but it's frustrating to spend minutes hunting for the original error to fix. Thanks, heroes!  Rick Bauer, Colorado