Review 360 Freezing Browser

Dec 16, 2022

Every time I attempt to review a Storyline file in Review 360 it freezes my browser. I am using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

I cleared my cache and attempted to open different review files to see if it was a problem with a specific file. They are all doing it.

Anyone have a fix?

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Jose Tansengco


Sorry to hear that you ran into this behavior! 

I'd like to ask a few questions to help clarify your experience: 

  • When testing on a different device such as another computer or on your mobile phone, do the browsers still freeze? 
  • Have you tried opening the course using incognito/private mode to see if this makes a different? 
  • Do you have any browser extensions installed on your browser? If so, try disabling them one at a time to test if a specific extension if causing the browser to freeze. 

Additionally, you'll want to test your courses on other browsers to isolate if the issue is specific to your Mozilla Firefox. 

If the issue persists, you can reach out to our support team here for additional assistance.