Review 360 Needs to Indicate Which Uploads Have Unresolved Comments

Jul 09, 2021


I love Review 360! It makes collaboration with SME's so much more efficient.

That said, there is one feature that would be a big timesaver for me. I have over 20 modules in current production. When I log into Review 360 I would like for there to be some type of indication if a module has unresolved comments attached to it. As it is now, I do get the comments emails, but am not always able to drop what I'm working on to address the comments. I end up going to each individual module and opening it in order to see if there are unresolved comments. Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Rebecca!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this request with us! I can see how having a notification present on the dashboard would be beneficial. I'm happy to log this request and share it with my team. I'll keep you updated in this discussion if I have an update to share regarding this feature!

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