Review 360 Not Playing .mp4 Video On Slide

Jun 21, 2022

UPDATE: Further testing reveals that this problem occurs when publishing to web and played locally too. 



I recently published a short SL course with a video on the 2nd slide to Review 360. Upon playback, the video does not play properly. It appears frozen on the first frame. The timeline advances and the shapes I placed on the slide appear normally. When I click the video, it begins to play (out of sync w/ the timeline). When I click the replay button, video and timeline play properly. This happens using Chrome, Edge and FF.

I tried importing the slides into a new SL project file but the problem remains. I also made a completely different test project with a different video and got the same result when published to Review.

Test Project

Any suggestions?



SL v3.65.28121.0

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Allen,

Thanks for sharing your project file!

What you're encountering is expected behavior since most Chromium based browsers now prevent the autoplaying of media files unless you've already interacted with the website. You can read about this policy here

One way to get around this is to introduce an interaction at the start of your course. Here's a demo showing that adding a button on the first slide of your file allows the video in the second slide to automatically start: 

Hope this helps!