Review 360 slides are not in order

Nov 25, 2019


I've published my project with Review 360 in order to allow my client to see the project and to write reviews.
But the problem is that in my first scene, some slides are not in the order as I organized in my storyview.
I've done the latest update, is that the problem? How can I fix it?


Thank you for your answers :) 

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Mark!

Thanks for sending your file over to our team for testing. Lo and behold, Robert found the culprit!

It looks like the menu's order may have been rearranged. Simply change the order of items in the menu by using the up and down arrows, and you'll be good to go.


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Mark Johnson

I've found that if I insert a new slide in Scene view (i.e. when I'm working on adding content to slides) it messes up the slide order in the presentation, even though the slide numbers are fine and the order displayed on the menu to the left of page is also fine. It only becomes obvious once you try to navigate the live presentation/learning content. Clicking the next button, for example, takes you to the wrong slide, contrary to the order displayed in the on-screen menu.

To avoid having to fix this in the ways shown above, I always go to Story View before inserting a new slide. This seems to work and the menu tool reads the slide order correctly.

However, this is a really annoying Articulate bug (one of many) that needs to be fixed.