Reviewer entered wrong email address, can it be edited?

Nov 13, 2019


One of the reviewers I sent a link to has provided feedback but entered the wrong email address, so they are not receiving the notifications when anyone "@'s them" or replies to their comments.  

I can't seem to change the email address they entered and they can't either, is it possible to do?


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Shane Burke

Hi Lauren, 

So each time my reviewer opens the link they are asked to enter their email address. Second time round they entered it correctly. It was just first time round they entered it incorrectly and entered their review comments. As a consequence when people responded to their original comments or "@" them they are not notified. 

I was just hoping me as the course owner could edit it or they could edit it themselves. 

I'll submit a feature request as although it's trivial enough it has undone some of the convenience of Review 360. 


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