Suggestion for Enhancing File Management in Review 360

Nov 28, 2023

Hi there,

I wanted to share some thoughts on the Review 360 interface. While the addition of folders and subfolders is great, managing a large number of published courses is still cumbersome. For instance, selecting multiple files (like 30) from a folder involves scrolling and individually clicking each one. Accidentally clicking the thumbnail instead of the selection box can be frustrating as it opens the file and cancels the multiple selection I had so far.

It would be highly beneficial to have a 'Details' view option, similar to WordPress or Windows Explorer which only shows data instead of thumbnails. This view could offer:

- Easier visibility of numerous files in a folder.
- Options to sort files by name, publication date, etc.
- Simpler ways to rename, delete, or move files.
- A feature to select/deselect all files in one click for batch operations.

I've attached a screenshot from the WordPress backend for reference.
Implementing these UI/UX changes might not be too time-consuming and would significantly improve file management.

Is this something that could be added to Review 360?

Thanks for considering my suggestions.

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