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Dec 14, 2016

Hi there, I am struggling with a few things. Click o this link.

One of my recent activities. Can anyone please help me with the following?
Slide 4.: From the base layer, I want the user to go to the next layer within the same slide– which from base layer to Specific and of course go until Timely
Also, when the user clicks on the letter “S” that it will reveal the layer “Specific” and so on.
The same applies for Slides 4.6, 4. And 4.9
Drag and drop:
I want to drag the orange text buttons onto the green target buttons. I had a problem to set up the trigger for this.
Type in on the screen:
Slide 4.5: I want learners to type in the answer.
What suggestions do you have for me to improve this scene?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Avril,

Thanks for sharing a link to your course within Articulate Review! I took a look and saw some odd behavior with the layers showing on slide 3 (which I think you called 4 here), and it would be helpful if we could take a look at the .story file as well to see how the layers and triggers were set up for this course and this particular slide in question. 

For slide 4 (with the first drag and drop) the Orange text boxes don't appear to be draggable elements, which it looks like you enabled them as the drop targets and the green boxes to be the items you can drag. Within the form view of the drag and drop set up, you'd just need to switch those items (orange/drop are currently on the right side of the form and change them to the left side of the form for drag items <- assuming you're using a standard drag and drop). The tutorial on using a drag and drop within Storyline 360 is available here as well and there you'll see the steps to identify drag/drop targets.

Lastly I didn't see the text entry you mentioned on slide 4.5? I checked a the other slides and also didn't notice it there. So it seems there may be a few things we'd want to look at within the .story file to offer some ideas and guidance here. You can upload it using the "Add Attachment" button at the bottom of the Reply window when on this forum discussion page, or you can send it along privately to our Support Engineers. 

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