View Results page not loading

I have created a few questions which are connect to a results page. After publishing, when I answer the questions and I get to the results page it provides me with the information on how I did. When I click the review quiz to see what I did right or won't go to review all questions, it just keeps loading and loading but will not show the results. I have published to Articulate 360. Why are the results not loading?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elke,

Sorry you're running into this roadblock! I'm happy to help you narrow this down.

First, are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.13.14869.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

If you're already on the latest update, tell me more about how the 'Review Quiz' button button behaves in other environments:

  • Does it work correctly in Storyline Preview?
  • Does it work correctly if you publish for Web and upload the zipped output to Tempshare?

I'd be happy to help with that testing if you don't mind sharing your file with me. Just click here, and look for the Add Attachment button.