A Rise course to Thinkific

Sep 18, 2023

Can anyone tell me how to upload a Rise 360 course into Thinkific? I have tried via the web with an external host as well as Thinkific, and I get Neither to work.  According to Thinkific, the HTML link has to be directly in the zip file, not a file within a file. So when I go to upload, I get an error saying that the HTML (index.html) can not be found. I found a video that says a SCROM file can be uploaded, but I am unable to get that to work because there is no HTML file to be located within the zip file. Can someone please help me? I researched compatibility, and everything I read states that it is, however, I am missing something somewhere because I have tried everything I have had my hands on and still can't get it to work.  

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Ana Asinas

Hey Doreen, here's what I've done:

  1. publish rise 360 course for web
  2. unzip the file
  3. within the folder there is a 'content' folder, take all of the file in that folder and zip (the reason Thinkific isn't reading the zip file is because of that main 'content' folder)
  4. then within thinkific, add a multimedia file.

Hope that helps!