HTML upload to Thinkific LMS is not saving progress

Sep 05, 2023

We created a course in Articulate- Rise 360, and exported the course using the HTML-5 functionality. When we upload the file into our LMS, everything is fine, except for when the client leaves the course, and comes back, none of their progress is saved and it looks like they need to start all over. I found this link in our LMS help center, but need to know whether we will be able to save progress within the HTML web multimedia uploaded file, or not. Thoughts? 

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Misty,

Happy to help!

If you need to track the progress of your learners as they go through your Rise 360 courses, you'll need to publish them for LMS distribution. Here's how: 

Publishing to web will only create an HTML5 version of your course with no capabilities of tracking user progress. This format is mostly reserved for when you would like to host a course on a web server to distribute your course with no intention of tracking who views the courses.

If you're already publishing your courses to LMS, try testing how your course behaves in a different LMS to see if the issue is LMS specific. If uploading to an LMS such as SCORM Cloud results in the same behavior, please reach out to our support team here so we can take a closer look at what's happening.