Ability to Embed a .html link

Mar 09, 2021

I am having a bit of trouble embedding a link to an html interaction into my Rise course.

I am using the Multimedia>Embed block. I have tried iFrame which doesn't work at all.. if I test with JUST the link, I get no sound. 

I have two seperate links I've tried. One is an intrnet link.. so it doesn't seem to recognize it as valid (must be looking for a .com etc).. <iframe src="https://vtalearner/learnsomething/CodeOfEthics/_COE_ENG/scormcontent/COE-2021-10/COE-2021-10.html"</iframe>


So then I tried a file uploaded to a web server... and get an error message that the connection was reset.

<iframe src="http://gfmm.net/COE-2021v08/COE-2021-16/COE-2021-16Q.html?"</iframe>

Of course both of these links work when I enter them directly.

Any help?

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