Embedding Wistia JavaScript video link in Rise 360 course

Jan 03, 2023

Does Rise 360 support Javascript links? I am trying to embed the Wistia Javascript video link to our Rise 360 course. But when I add the following Wistia link, I get an enter a valid URL or iframe link. Does this mean that the Javascript link is not supported in Rise 360?

JS video link: <script src="//fast.wistia.com/embed/medias/wsc7yxn3l.jsonp" async></script>

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Crystal Horn

Hello Priya! If you're using the embed block to showcase your Wistia video, you'll want to use an iframe embed code instead of javascript. Generally the formula would be:

<iframe src="paste your embed URL here"></iframe>

You might have a few other parameters that Wistia wants to add. You can play around with those until it looks the way you want in your lesson. This article has more detail on using embed blocks!