Add a thumbnail to video added to my lesson

Dear all,
I have the following question/case using Rise 360 :
when I insert a video, which first image appearing is blank (the first second is a blank screen)...
It is possible, within Rise, to add a thumnail so that I have nice picture before my video starts? Or should I make assemble this out of Rise 360 ?

Thank in advance



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Crystal Horn

Hello Soizic. We are tracking requests to choose a thumbnail for your video blocks in Rise. I'll post updates here if we make any changes.

In the meantime, Rise 360 will display the first frame of a MP4 video as the thumbnail. You can use a video editing tool like Replay 360 to add an image to the first frame of the video, then re-publish the video as a MP4 file. I hope that helps.

Phoebe Lu

Hello Crystal,

I have the same issue/ask for an inserted video in Rise. I wanted the 3rd second scene of the video to be the thumbnail as the image shows the topic of the video, so I don't have to add any caption underneath and it is clear and attractive enough to draw others attention to click on it.  

Sounds like we still cannot choose a certain second to be the thumbnail for the inserted video in Rise at this moment?

Thank you!