Add form into Rise lesson (with option for download of the filled out form)

Dear all,

This is my very first posting, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes or ask questions that go beyond the standard support here.

I am currently developing a course in Rise. My SME wants the following setup in one of the lessons:

  • Lesson consists of 5 sub-lessons;
  • Each sub-lesson introduces content via a short video;
  • Then straight underneath the video should be a kind of online form that the user fills out (questions that relate to the content in the videos);
  • In the last sub-lesson the user should have the option to download the online form (with all of his/her input from sub-lesson 1-5) in a pdf format.

I am reluctant to use SurveyMonkey or Google Forms etc. since the form does not have the purpose of collecting is more for the user to use the form outside of the course. In fact, I may not be allowed to use Google Forms or others since it would collect data.

Do you have any idea if and how this could be realised? Perhaps with a webpage that an IT colleague will have to create and then embed this? Or any easier solution?

Thanks so much in advance!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Heike! We're happy to have you in E-Learning Heroes.

Your approach is the right one - because there isn't a way to collect and print out answers from multiple lessons in Rise 360, embedding an external web tool that can do this would be a good idea. I'll let other designers add their input!

Alternatively, are you opposed to using Storyline 360? You could create an outline slide and branching slides for each sub lesson. Following your videos, you could add quiz question slides. At the end, add a results slide that tracks all of the quiz questions with an option to Print Results. If you go that route, you can get help and advice in the Storyline forum as well!