Embedding Microsoft Forms

Jan 30, 2020

I am trying to embed a form in a rise course. It worked pretty good with google forms but isn't showing the same way for microsft forms. I try to use the embed code but rise isn't reconizing it. The link option works but it isn't seemless. Any thoughts?

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André Ørum

i found out that the error occurs when you force people to login to office 365 to complete the form. It has something to do with x-frames.
if I remove the login the form works just fine i Rise. But then i can't track who is using the form which is required in my case. so i found an alternative to Ms.forms which allows user tracking.

Anne-Marie Race

An MS Form, or actually any Office 360 online app. Mind you, I haven't tried it yet, just wondering if anyone happened to know. Employees need to be logged into the LMS already, and with SSO I'm hoping they will already be able to jump into the Form. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the response, Chino!

Martin Dunne

I am facing the exact same issue as you. I need to capture the users who take the form, but it shows as "anonymous" when I select "anyone can respond".


If I force users to login via office 365 the iframes just breaks. What was the alternative that you used if you don't mind me asking?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jane! Try these steps:

  1. Insert a Multimedia Embed block.
  2. Click Edit to open the block editor.
  3. Under the Content tab, click the Change link.
  4. In the "Paste URL or iframe code here" field, paste the iframe code <iframe src="URL"></iframe>. Replace URL in that code with the actual URL link to your form.
  5. Press Enter.

Let me know how that goes!

Emmanuelle Brusson

Hi! I am also trying to embed a web object into Rise. In my case I'm trying to connect learners to a SharePoint Microsoft online page to get them familiar with the resources the company has available and send them directly to the page rather than creating a simulation that will need to be updated every time the landing page changes. However, no matter what I try in Rise or Storyline 360, I get the following error. Is there a workaround or is it not possible due to access/login restrictions? I've tried finding articles on this but haven't been successful.