Add persistent header with menu icon + progress bar

May 25, 2020

I think having a persistent header at the top of courses that displays the (hamburger) menu icon and the progress bar would be super beneficial to learners.

Sometimes its nice to have the sidebar collapsed by default to increase the space for learning content, but you then lose out on the learner seeing the progress bar to know how far they have gone. This is also the case if they are viewing a course on a mobile device since the menu auto-collapses. Progress can be a bit motivator for holding a learner's attention, and its unfortunate that hiding the menu or viewing on mobile takes that away from learners.

For courses that don't have a quiz and completion is determined by % viewed, we often include a blurb informing the learner that they need to make sure their progress is displaying 100% to ensure the LMS marks them as complete... But if the menu is collapsed then they won't see it. Even adding in a textual prompt to open the menu using the hamburger menu is confusing because if they've scrolled down the page it's not even in view (since the hamburger menu icon is not persistently in view).

A solution to all of this would be to have a small persistent header that displays both the hamburger menu and progress bar.

I've submitted a feature request for this, and if you agree it would be valuable please submit one as well (and reference this post in the "Related E-Learning Heroes discussion URL" field in the form) in addition to your comment here, to help it gain visibility.

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