Adding a multiple response option to a Knowledge Check tile

Mar 26, 2018

Hi there

Would it be possible to have a multiple response option when using a Knowledge Check tile in Rise? At the moment you can only have a single response.

We create eLearns with alternated videos and Knowledge Checks, we have to use the Quiz option at the moment for multiple choice questions, which isn't ideal as you need to enter the quiz and see your results before you move on to the next video.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Charlotte!  I'll pass along your request for other types of questions in the knowledge check block.

In the meantime, could you use other block types for a similar effect?  For example, check out this list block I used with a continue button (named Submit).  After your learners answer, you can reveal feedback about why several of the answers are correct!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Distance Education!

It sounds like you're using a knowledge check block, is that right? Knowledge check blocks have one question per block. If you want more than one question, you'll want to add additional blocks below. 

For graded questions, try using a quiz lesson. This will allow you to create several questions within one quiz. 

Karl Muller

Hi Sarah,

That functionality is available in a Quiz for Multiple Choice type questions. You can provide different feedback for each answer choice.

In a Multiple Choice Question, at the bottom right of the page in the Feedback area,  choose By Choice. Once you have made that selection, a feedback field will be displayed for each answer choice.