Adding a timer into rise to ensure a minimum amount of time is spent on each lesson

Nov 29, 2023

Hi there! 

I'm currently faced with a bit of a challenge with Rise functionality. I am working on a module which requires a MINIMUM amount of time to be spent on each section by the learner, in order for them to pass the module completely. This was a specific request by my client.

An idea I had was to insert a timer storyline block into the beginning of each lesson which starts automatically, and then at the bottom of the lesson have a 'Continue' button which is locked until everything above it is interacted with (ie, when the timer ends).

The issue that I am facing is that when I scroll past the timer block, it auto pauses and will only continue counting down until I have the timer physically on my screen. Does anyone know a way where I can fix this issue and have the timer play even when it's been scrolled past? Cheers

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Chino Navarro

Hi Kim and Nick,

While Rise 360 doesn't have a timer, you could use videos to help control how fast a learner completes a course. You could do this by uploading a video into a video block and disabling forward-seeking.


Then, you can insert a locked Continue block and set it to unlock only when the block (Video block) directly above it is complete.

The locked Continue block will require the learner to view the entire video before they can proceed in the course. Forward seeking is disabled to prevent the learner from skipping to the end of the video. 

You may also need to set navigation to restricted. This prevents the learner from skipping a lesson by clicking on the navigation sidebar. This depends on your course's completion requirement and where your videos are in the course.


Thank you, and I hope it helps. 



Annie Heydon

It's starting to feel like everything I need, including a stopwatch, is waiting in the queue of suggestions to be decided upon by The Team. Getting really frustrating. The two requests I've placed in the last 24 hours have been added to this nebulous list... but I have seen others requesting the same functions going back years.


John Cooper

A very easy way to set a timer in RISE is to include a Storyline Block with a Countdown Timer in it that 'Completes' when the timer runs out.

Set this above a 'Continue' block with the setting "Complete Block directly above".This works just fine.

I included a demonstration on my website that showed two examples of using a simple timer - one to allow the user to time themselves and the second one (which demonstrates what is being requested here) the learner has to complete a drag and drop exercise and get it right against a timer. In this second part you will see that the learner cannot move forward until either (a) they get the exercise correct or (b) the time runs down.

RISE Timer Demonstration

John Cooper

Hi Sheryl

I think the approach I use in the above demo should do pretty much what you want. If you insert a small Storyline block with the timer in it just below the script you want the learner to read and make sure the 'Continue' block following the timer is set to "Complete block directly above", the learner will not be able to progress until the timer has run down.

The only challenge is starting the timer. I chose to put the timer under the user's own control with a 'Start' button - but there may be a way to automatically start the timer when it comes into view.