Adding Closed Captions to Video in a Process block

Jun 19, 2023

Hell0 - I'm using a Process block for multiple videos related to a process. I'm trying to upload a VTT file so I can caption my videos, but the selection is grayed out and not letting use it. Can anyone help? 

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Eric! Thanks for reaching out.

Are you seeing this behavior with any video file you add to your Process block? Have you tried testing your video using a different block, such as Multimedia > Video block if the Manage Captions would still be grayed out?

I did a couple of tests and it appears that I'm able to add caption files to my video in the Process block which can be seen in this short screen recording. I'm suspecting the issue you are seeing might be with the video file itself. You can try re-encoding the video file then use a standard .mp4 format and see how it goes.

You may also share your video file with us by opening a case here. Our support engineers will be more than happy to help investigate the issue you are encountering.

Eric Etkin

Thank you... seemed to be a glitch. I had three different videos loaded and they all did the same thing... When I advanced/scrolled to an adjacent video each time and clicked Edit, then scrolled back, the CC option suddenly became active on the prior video. By scrolling up and down I was able to add the CC, but the functionality was sticky.