Any response is correct

Jan 20, 2021

I want to ask the learner a question that lets them select any and/or all responses. I tested this with "multiple response" question and tried "correct/incorrect" and "any response". I tried adding a check mark to all and again NOT adding a check mark to any.

During Preview, the incorrect circle shows above my feedback that I inserted. How do I delete the incorrect circle or make this work so my learner can select any answer s/he wants to select? Thanks!

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Lea Agato

Hi Carol! There isn't any way to have more than one possible correct answer for a multiple response quiz question in Rise. If you only need to see feedback and don't need to have this question graded, try using a checkbox list interaction instead. Here's how:

  1. Go to All blocks > List > Checkbox list, and input your statements.
  2. Add a continue button with completion type = None (Always show button).
  3. Add a text block for your feedback.

Here’s a recording of the steps:

Let me know if this helps!