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Ben Sewell

I would imagine that it depends on the course, quality and their reasons for taking the course.

From a learner's perspective, they don't seem to care (or know) what a course is made with, just that it is fun and engaging. Have you sat down with some of your target audience to hear their thoughts on it? 

42 Design Square, LLC

I understand it....but isn't it true that Rise would have less audio, animation, and interactivity compared to Storyline? I am really trying to understand how learners who are used to more of Storyline created courses would feel taking a course that is more like a website but readjusts layout on their phone or tab. I guess we all know the answer; but we all crave for some evidence. But then one  more tool is still great and Articulate is sure to improve Rise over time.

Scott Kaye

I don't know that Rise would have less audio and animation, though I agree with the interactivity part.  Also, it's true that the end users don't have any clue what the authoring tool was.  When I brand my courses (and I use 4-5 different authoring programs) I have yet to have anyone comment on anything but the content.  

My personal experience with Rise is that it would be better for shorter, more linear work.  Anything with complicated branching or interactivity would be better with Storyline.