Anything wrong with Rise picture upload and PDF export???

Hi all

I'm just spending minutes and minutes that start to feel like hours while trying to upload a picture to Rise and exporting courses in PDF format.

The pic I want to upload is a simple PNG that I had uploaded many times without trouble.  This time it tells me that the format is not supported??? And the export just takes forever. One took about 5 - 10 minutes. The next one I have stopped it after 10 Minutes.

Anything wrong today? and is there a site, where one can have a look if there are known problems that are already taken care of?

Thanks in advance and best regards

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Roland,

You can also check the status here on the Articulate Status page. We didn't have any Rise outages in the last few days, so it sounds more likely that you ran into a bandwidth issue on your end or that there was something in the course causing the export to hang. 

In the latter case, our Support Team is always standing by to take a look! 

If you think it's a bandwidth issue, I'd suggest shutting down the browser and perhaps clearing the cache/history to give it a refresh and try again. If you reach around 10 minutes or more on any of the export options, that's a good stopping point as it's unlikely to complete after that, and then I'd invite you to connect with our Support Team to dig deeper.