Arrow shape knowledge check


I have seen a rise course with some functionalities that i cannot seem to get. 

I have attached an image of a downwards facing arrow block colour for a knowledge check block. 

Also different lesson markers can be shown for courses as shown in a screenshot.

I am using rise 360 but dont seem to have this functionality. 

Any advice/help would be gratefully received.



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Sam Williamson

You can change lesson markers from the contents page in the editor. Mouse over a lesson and you'll see a '...' menu icon appear on the right, from which you can access some additional options including changing the icon; unfortunately there's only four to choose from.

As for the non-standard block shape, I'd guess they're using a semi-transparent image as a separator. I've attached an example to this post: add the SVG as a full width image block and the upper part will display the block's selected background colour.

For best results you'll likely want to adjust the block's padding to 0, and ideally disable Block Entrance Animations if it isn't too detrimental to the rest of your project. (It would be useful if we could disable those per-block.)