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Leah Folkestad, PhD

Has anyone been successfully launched an Articulate Rise course as SCORM (1.2 or 2004) from Cornerstone using IE11? The course launches in Chrome but the organization uses IE. I've tried the following:

  • Tested course in SCORM Cloud and it works.
  • Changed compatibility settings to None in CSOD.
  • Changed compatibility settings at the Course Launch Preference level for entire Portal in CSOD.
  • Checked Compatibility View Settings in IE.
  • Exported as all 4 SCORM settings (1.2, 2004 ed 2-4).
  • Contacted CSOD help (GPS) - no response.

Currently we are just using the share link and not tracking with our LMS.

Please help!

Steve Flowers

Hi, Leah - 

Can you open up developer tools in IE? It's likely a setting that's preventing the run or a policy configuration specific to the IE11 deployment on the machines you're testing. Since it runs fine on SCORM Cloud, my money is on configuration of the CSOD portal. 

Here's a screenshot of a Rise course running from CSOD in IE11.

Leah Folkestad, PhD

All setting the same except we have detect Shockwave automatically AND we do not have the "Launch materials in:" setting.

The course opens in a new window and just sits on a white page. 

Same course works in Chrome. 

I will try to upload a course with the Shockwave not clicked. Maybe I need to ask CSOD to enable Launch materials setting??

Steve Flowers

Shouldn't need the materials setting. Something definitely odd. Try this:

With the window launched as blank, right click inside the blank window and select Inspect. A new window will open with a bunch of panels. Click the Console tab and put this window side-by-side with the blank window. Then go to the blank window again, right-click and select reload. If a bunch of red errors appear in the console window, it should tell you why the content isn't loading.