Articulate 360 and Cornerstone

Nov 09, 2016

Has anyone had experience (even if it is in a beta version) in using Articulate 360 - Rise with Cornerstone?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Hayley,

Tell us more about what's going on with your course. It sounds like you hosted it on your LMS, but the course won't open. Instead, you see the "Your course is loading" message with a spinning wheel. Is that right?

If you don't mind sharing the published output file with us, we can lend a hand with testing! You can share that file privately by clicking here. 

Kat Spaulding

Hi Alyssa,

We're having issues with our first Rise course (developed by a vendor) not opening for all employees in IE11 via Cornerstone. We've checked all of our Cornerstone settings and it's happening to random users. I never got it to load in IE. I've changed my view to IE11 in the developer tools and I've tried all compatibility view settings.

Does anyone have a final resolution for Rise/Cornerstone/IE11? We can only conclude that it's individual computer settings, but would like to see if we can pinpoint it to have a global fix.

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