Articulate 360 desktop problem

Sep 10, 2017

I was wondering if any of you have had this problem.  I started up my computer the other day and my desktop app would not initialize.  I tried starting it up various ways including using the ICON and going through the Windows 10 menu.  Didn't initialize.  I uninstalled it through Microsoft uninstall... went through the process, installed it.  ICON is there but it does not initiate.  I shut off my machine hoping that it needed a reboot.  Nothing.  HELP!!  I need to have access to my Rise contract work!!! 

Does anyone know if there is something in the background that is not uninstalled?  It said it was uninstalled and I clicked Finish.  But nothing! 

I have contacted support desk and they sent me a link to the download page which is what I used.  I sent them another message but have not received anything yet.  This, of course, is for work done on RISE which I cannot get to any other way.  I can get to Storyline and Review (through Storyline) but not Rise. Is there another way to get to Rise?


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