Articulate adding for PowerPoint not working for characters

Aug 29, 2023


I was watching the recording of the webinar that was offered last week, "Using Characters in Rise 360" and was attempting to follow along. However, when I tried to add characters into PowerPoint I got a pop up box with an error message that read:   "Online presentations aren't supported. Save a copy to your local drive to continue".  I have the Articulate add on in my PowerPoint and I also have Studio 360.  I checked my computer and it looks like I already have the Desktop app.  In the video Ginger had indicated that if we got the above error message it just meant we had to save the file to our local computer. However, I did save my file to my computer and I am still getting the error message.  If someone could provide me with some advice on how I can get this working that would be very helpful. Thank you.

-Dana Von Beg

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Ron Price

Articulate Studio and the PPT file will need to be local.  The cloud version of PPT will not work for you. 

If you are running the locally installed software and have saved your project to your C drive and are still getting the message, you may want to submit a case.

Does it happen with every PPT?