Assign Rise Course to Learners and Track Quiz Results?

Jul 24, 2020

Hi all, 

My company has an Articulate account and we use Rise on a regular basis to create training courses. A colleague of mine signed up for the free Rise trial and was asking for help assigning her course to learners and tracking their quiz results. When she shared her screen and logged into her account it looked completely different than what I'm used to with Rise. 

After she created her course, she could add the names/emails of people she wanted to assign her course too and she had reporting options that tracked the quiz results of each learner. 

I had no idea this could be done because my version of rise ( has none of these features; I simply have the option to create the training course and then publish to our LMS or share the link with others to view. 

I would love to know why our full paid version of Rise doesn't allow me to assign courses to people and track their progression and quiz results or if we've been missing these features all these years and didnt realize it was available?

I've included screen shots for reference. In the 'free trial' image you can see there are options at the top for Reports, People, etc. 

In the 'paid version' screen shot, all i can do is create the course and share with others for edits. 

Appreciate some input on why there's so many features in the free version, or have I just missed them somewhere in the paid version?

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Karl Muller

Hi Jennifer.

There are two different product offerings available from Articulate that are related yet very different.

  1. The one product offering is the one that you are subscribed to: Articulate 360.  It includes the course development tools Rise and Storyline as well as Preview etc.
  2. Then there is a fairly recent product offering from Articulate that includes:
  • the course development tool Rise
  • The Rise LMS


Your colleague signed up for a free trial with that includes the LMS, that why her screens look so different.

However, your product offering does not include the Rise LMS.

See for the differences between the two product offerings. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jennifer! Karl is spot on — your colleague signed up for a trial of Here's the difference:

  • Rise 360 is a course development app. Training developed in Rise 360 must be exported to a learning management system (LMS) for viewing, tracking, and analytics. 
  • is an all-in-one online training system that gives you one place to create, track, manage, and analyze your training. includes all the authoring functionality from Rise 360, plus a library of pre-built lessons on common business topics. Once you’ve created a course, you can enroll learners, track their progress, and analyze training effectiveness—all within 

In short, Rise 360 lets you create courses only. lets you create, distribute, track, and analyze courses.

If you have any questions about, you can reach the team at!

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