Attachment block gives inconsistent download results


I am attaching various practice files to Rise courses for software training, the idea being that learners can try things out for themselves. I'm using the attachment block for this.

When I check the course in Review using Chrome, clicking on an attached file will always download it, albeit with that annoying string of letters and numbers that currently gets added to downloaded files. But when I publish for web, I get really inconsistent results in the published output.

In Chrome I get the results I want. Unfortunately, my learners will have to view content in IE 11 and there I can't seem to get the same result twice. Often files will just open in a new tab, though sometimes it does prompt an open/save/save as message.

I'm guessing this is a browser thing rather than a Rise thing but any tips appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christina,

It sounds like a browser setting and could also be connected to the file type that you're using? Have you noticed that PDFs always open one way vs. an image file perhaps? 

Also, when you're testing the web publish, did you upload to your site/server or are you testing it locally? That could also impact the difference in how a file download will behave, so if you'll eventually be hosting on a site make sure you're testing in that environment too. 

Christina Clark

Hi Ashley,

Yes, different file types do different things. In IE11: 

.TXT files open are displayed in a new browser window - there appears to be no way to actually download them.

.STL files (a caption file format) try to open in a file viewer for that purpose.

.DOCX start automatic download and gets lots of random letters and numbers added to the beginning of the filename.

.MP4 and .MP4 downloads as expected.

I publish to web and put the files onto Sharepoint, which is where I test them.

Crystal Horn

Ok, internet downloads are handled by your operating system (what version of Windows or Mac you have) and your browser security settings.

For Internet Explorer specifically, you can have a look at this Microsoft article on handling attachments for download:

The quickest way to grab a file for download would be to right click the attachment block and rise and choose "Save target as..."  That workaround might be the easiest for your IE learners who aren't otherwise prompted to download the file.

I hope that helps!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amanda! We've made some improvements to the attachments block for your learners. The attachment block now displays the original file name in the course, as well as when the learner downloads the file. This means no more "random" strings of letters and numbers that are visible on the file name. This change also means that files in the attachment block should always prompt a download rather than open in a new browser tab.

Let me know what is happening on your end, and I'll see how I can help!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Imogen. I'm seeing this behavior when using the Share link, and it prompts me to open in a new tab in Internet Explorer. If I export the course for LMS or web, the attachment file is downloaded with the right name.

I'll document this issue for my team, and we'll let you know here when there's an update. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nadia,

When I click a file in an attachment block in Chrome, it opens a new browser tab instead of downloading the file to my hard drive.

Would you mind sending us the Share link to your course and the LMS output file so we can get a closer look at what you're seeing?

If that works for you, you can open a case here.