Audio Description for Videos in Rise

Sep 19, 2023

I'm curious if anyone has found any workarounds to allow for a selection between audio-described or non-audio-described videos in Articulate Rise.

Two potential options seem to exist: 

  • Tabs block, with each version in a separate tab (although this is a problem if trying to lock the Continue button, as learners would need to select both tabs/videos).
  • Embedded Storyline block, with both versions of the video included within, and a user selection to pick which they want. (This seems like it would work, but is also kind of clunky.)

Has anyone else figured out a way to accomplish this in Rise?

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Megan Gallenstein

I submitted a ticket with Support and they confirmed there is no feature in Rise currently. Support submitted it as an enhancement request.

The team and I have been working through 3 options - I attached a screenshot of our working UX module with our options outlined.

Each option comes with its issues:

Option 1: Technically our way is not compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, because if you link out to something, learners should be able to use the back button or click a link to navigate back to the Rise module. (This is our issue with Rise and Stream, but we are exploring still...)

Option 2: You outlined an issue above, in addition, we found that it shrinks the video to a smaller screen size and the format just looks odd to me.

Option 3: My screen reader doesn't read the pop-up display with instructions in Storyline- so this automatically makes me want to ditch this since it is the opposite of what we intend for that audience, but we are still working through it...

Other options worth noting but are not suitable for us would be two modules, one containing non-audio-described videos for one audience and another module for audio-described videos for the other audience. 

But I am not an accessibility expert - I plan to meet and explore these options with people who are in the next few weeks, so maybe I can share more after that too.

Steven Benassi

Hi Megan!

Thanks for sharing those workarounds with the community!

Great call on submitting a feature request through a support case! I see that you connected with my teammate Philam. If we make any changes to this feature we'll be sure to provide updates!

If you'd like to stay up to date, you can bookmark our Feature Roadmap.