Auto-play on Rise

Mar 26, 2017

Is it possible to have embedded audio automatically play on Rise? Perhaps as you scroll past it, it will automatically play? I am looking to add background noise to my lesson of ocean noise.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jackson! 

When we first released Rise, we shied away from auto-play audio because it's really non-standard on mobile devices. In fact, most phone browsers actually prevent auto-play of media; it needs to be user-initiated. 

I appreciate you chiming in with what you'd like to see, since the ideas shared here in E-Learning Heroes contribute to our product roadmap! It's always good to keep these discussions going and evaluate changes as Rise is continually evolving. Based on a few different requests for this feature I've seen here in the community, I'll definitely bring it up again with our team! 

Denise Ruggio

Found a temporary fix! Place the video in a Storyline file.

> In the player options, remove all items from the player (menu, volume, title, etc.).

> Color the player frame black.

> Remove the next and previous buttons in the slide settings and make sure the video is set to automatically play on slide. 

> Publish the file to Articulate 360.

> Pop the Storyline file into the latest version of Rise.

> In "blocks", add a new item and click on "interactive".

> At the bottom is the option to insert a Storyline file.  

Boom! Video that plays automatically in a Rise presentation. : )

Crystal Horn

Hey Jennifer. I tested this example in a few different browsers, and with the exception of Safari, the video and audio both played automatically for me when I opened the blocks lesson containing the Storyline block.  In Safari, I had to click a play button to initiate the Storyline block.

Let me know what happens with my example on your end!  In which browsers are you viewing the content?  Also, are you exporting the course for LMS/Web, or viewing using the Share URL?

Juan Gutierrez

Hi Allison, one of the ideas of courses in rise is to have a friendly enviroment for youger users, younger users are use to navigate in facebook and instagram where the videos have the option to start once they are looking at the post.

To click on the play butom is easy if you are doing the course in your computer or even in a tablet, but when you are doing the course in your cellphone and the videos are inside the interactive hot spots blocks it is not that friendly to click on a play buttom.

I think that the option to have the video playing once the user gets to the block or once the user click in the hot spot should be the course author choise and not a fix setting by rise staff.

Allison LaMotte

Hi JC,

Some modern browsers, like Safari and Chrome now block autoplay audio and video. This keeps Storyline 360 content from playing automatically.

Since we can't change browser settings (if only we had that kind of power!), we updated our software to allow learners to view video content regardless of browser restrictions.

Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Jim Powell

I have a cute little "congratulations" video that's five seconds at the end of the training.  I really have to tell the student to click on it?  This is Rise, not storyline.  If anyone knows of a way to make this work please share -- again, not storyline but Rise. Thank you all.