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Wendy Farmer

Hmmm....it's not keyboard returns is it? Can you place your cursor in that space right at the bottom and backspace  or its' not another block type? -  sorry just throwing stuff out there...do you want to duplicate the course and flick a link - happy to take a look at it for you.

Wendy Farmer


I see what you mean when you preview the different modes from the desktop but have you published and sent to phone and tablet to check it. I can't say I have ever noticed those big blank spaces before and you're right with the padding etc.  I even added a paragraph block and moved the hyperlink to that with no padding top and bottom and it still looks the same when previewed.   The fact that in desktop and mobile landscape mode it looks as expected it's the other three that look weird.

I would publish and try viewing on phone and tablet to check - sorry I couldn't be more help.

Martika Cox

Hi Lesley,

Is this a text block? While there aren't any settings that allow you to change the size of the block increasing the white space, you could add a few returns to minimize the grey space. 

If having this ability is something that would improve your experience using Rise you can submit a feature request here.