Add a "Break" To Rise Menus

Oct 09, 2020


While I really like being able to create sections in my Rise courses, I've noticed that when I want to continue the course once a section is complete, the following sections look connected to the previous section. Like this:

Rise sections running together

I have 3 topics under the "Submittals" section - Review, Discuss and Check Other Applicable Submittals - but it looks like "Concrete Slab Pours: Schedule" is part of that section too (when it isn't). The Rise menu also makes it looks this way:

Again, "Schedule" looks like it's part of the section above it.

Would it be possible to have a blank block - a block that'll create a block's worth of space between sections and lessons in the menu on the left and in the list of topics? I can't seem to do that now; I need to give everything I add a name, so I can't just add a blank block to my list. 


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