Facing a challenge in sections and module numbers in preview

Nov 30, 2022


I'm new to this eLearning development course in Rise and I was facing a challenge in how the numbering appears in the course preview for the list of topics that I've added in the menu. 

In the menu, you can see that I've added sections and topics within a section. But when I preview it, it shows something else. Here, in the second screenshot, you can see that Module 2, is being shown as Module 6 and then the topic 1. Similarly, Module 3 section, Topic 1 is being shown as Module 10 (as there are 4 topics in Module 2 section). I'm not sure why this is happening. 

I've also tried turning off the navigation but it still occurs.

Is it a bug? Please suggest.


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Susi B

Hi Anam,

Rise is counting automatically every lesson. So your Module 2 is starting with lesson 6. The only thing you can do is to go to settings > lables and change the name of "lessons" to maybe "page". Sadly you canĀ“t turn this completely off yet.

I actually recommend everybody to not use terms like "module 1" or "topic 1" and just use the name of the topic. Why do you need to number it? Has it any disadvantage for the learner, if there is no "module/topic" in front of the topic name?



Erika Herrera


We are experiencing the same issue as we are numbering lessons too. I do understand that this could confuse the learners when we use section names within the TOC but is Articulate planning to add this option to remove the "Lesson X" reference at the top and bottom of a Rise Lesson? or is this enough reason for not doing this?

Karl Muller

Hi Erika,

You can currently remove the "Lesson X" reference at the top of a Rise Lesson.


Open Rise Course.

Select THEME.

Select Lesson Headers.

Scroll to the bottom.

Toggle Lesson Count Labels to OFF.


Note: If you change to the Apex theme, it does not use the word "Lesson" at the bottom of the page.  Instead it will just show  X of Y - [Lesson Name].