Black bars on sides of video

Sep 22, 2018

Rise seems to be putting small black bars on both sides of a video when you add it as a multimedia item:

It looks a bit sloppy, in my opinion. The video is 16:9. Any ideas as to how to fix this?

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Jordan. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I'm having trouble recreating the issue, so I'll need your help. Mind sharing the video file along with your course's output link with us? We'll take a look into what might be causing those black lines and share our findings with you. Need to share those details privately? You got it's where! ☺️

Désirée  Jochem

Hi Allison, 

I'm facing the same problem as Jordan - but depending on what I do, the bars slightly change.
I made a video using Storyline's step by step recording and exported it as a video, then inserted into Rise.
In Rise's editing mode, I get a a black bar in the left. If I export my couse to web, the bar switches to the right side. If I publish it in our LMS, I get bars on both sides.

Like Jordan said, it's still working, but it looks sloppy...

I'm in Chrome, zoom 100%.

Désirée  Jochem

Hi Alyssa,

the Storyline slide size is 1280 x 720.

And yes, the bars change when I adjust the browser size. It's different every time in editig mode. In the published version in our LMS, the bars disappear in full screen mode (we embed Rise courses so normally they aren't full screen) and if I decrease browser width.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ina,

Thanks for those details! With a 1280 x 720 slide size, your aspect ratio is 16:9. That's what we recommend for widescreen monitors.

If the black bars appear when you change the browser size, that means the browser window ratio is not 16:9. The black bars disappear in fullscreen mode likely because your monitor is widescreen. 

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