Black screen at the 1st frame of a video in RISE 360

Nov 28, 2023

Hello, amazing RISE community.  I've been trawling through the forums to find a solution for my problem.  I turned a storyline file into a video export file and uploaded to RISE 360, only to find a 'black screen' at the start'.  I've done all the tips in the chats: adjust the dimensions in the video block, crop a few seconds off the start of the sequence, check for any animations or transitions that would cause a black frame at the start.  None of these have worked so far.  I even created a 'test SL file' with only a photo and words so it was simple to problem solve -- still got the black frame at the start.  In the end I had to import the video into Premier where I could see the 'black frame'.  I export this from Premier (without the black frame), and it works.  However the file is 200mb exported from Premier as compared to only 18mb exported from Storyline.  Apologies if there's a solution and I just haven't found it yet in the forums.  Grateful for any help, but I do have a good backup with Premier, the file is bigger thats all.  Thanks team!!

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Kim! Are you seeing a black screen with a play button on the video file you uploaded to Rise 360? If so, this is actually by design.

If you created the video from Storyline, you can try to check if the first frame of the video is all black. It could be a fade in animation or transition. Here's how to trim the video in Storyline.

If you continue to encounter the same issue, I'd suggest opening a case here so that our support team can take a closer look at what's happening.