Blank White Page and/or Content is loading

Jul 05, 2023

Hi All,

We are experience sporadic issues of "Blank White Page" or text saying "Content is loading" with our exported scorm in our LMS system (Kineo/Totara).

Having tried many different browsers, performed the ritual cache/cookies and even flush dns issues, but this seems to happen sporadically for some of our users.

We are using the latest version of rise and tried many tips and tricks including our completion tick boxes also tried variations of Scorm format 2004/1.2 etc. in both our settings in Rise and our LMS. I also read somewhere about the "Hide Cover Page" option which didn't seem to make any resolve on this issue.

On a secondary note, we also on occasion experience users which  do not show as complete on our LMS, when the user returns back to the Rise learning this indeed shows as incomplete, yet the attempt was originally completed.  

Any help and support on this would be really appreciated.


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Christopher Santos

Hi Ted,

I am sorry to hear your users are experiencing this issue.  Is this issue happening every time they resume a course, or does it only happen when they view a course that has been updated?

If you haven't done this yet, can you try uploading your course in SCORM Cloud and see if you are able to replicate the issue?  For more details about using SCORM Cloud to troubleshoot your issue, you can check out this article.

For your second note, you may also test your course in SCORM Cloud.  This should help determine if the issue is LMS-specific.

Ted Bond

@Christopher Santos,

We just asked the user who was having the White Screen issue to test this on ScormCloud, it did indeed work fine. We will raise a ticket with out LMS provider.

Out of interest, would you be able to hazard any guesses around reasons for this with your experience in potentially many different LMS systems, for me I would say server/database communication maybe.?

Nichole J Geerts

We are having the same issue. According to SCORM cloud our file is fine. This is happening with anything in our LMS that was made with Rise. 

Modules that used to open fine are no longer opening. All we get is a white screen. Cookies/cache cleared for all time and the issue persists. Our IT says it is a Rise issue, not our system. 

Christopher Santos

Hi Ted,

This could be the result of your course reaching its suspend limit (which is what LMS systems use for resuming a course).  I've read in Totara forums that this can sometimes be the case.  This might not be likely the case since you are seeing the issue happen with SCORM 2004 too.  As you said, the issue might be related to communication between the client computer and the server/database.

It may help your LMS provider if they can see the debug log from your course.  You can check out this article for more information on how you can do this. 

Nichole J Geerts
Christopher Santos

Hi Nichole,

You mentioned that your modules opened fine before.  Is this only happening for these modules, or is it happening to newer courses too?  Have there been any updates made to your older modules (e.g., deleting a lesson in a course and updating the course in your LMS)?

It is happening to ones i just uploaded today that i have never taken before. As well as to ones that worked fine for me before and i completed.