Block in Rise 360 SRT File Not Loading

Aug 05, 2022


I have uploaded a Rise360 SRT file to our LMS system. To ensure the learners are clicking the interactions in the block, I created a divider that will not let a learner continue until they do the interactions. For the most part, the SRT file is working as it should but I have had a few learners reach out about an error where they clicked on the interactions and when they continue the next interactive block will not populate. 

I've attached a screenshot to where the block above was completed and let the learner continue to the next section titled "How to Password Protection your Office Files on Mac" but the interactive block doesn't populate underneath the instructions. The learner can't continue because I set the divider to not allow the user to proceed until they complete the interaction. Please provide any information or guidance on how to fix this issue. Thank you.


Robert Brown

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Maui Jim

Aloha Alyssa,

Thanks for reaching out. I confirmed that the block type is a continue button that won't allow a user to continue until the interactions have been completed. Oddly enough, it doesn't happen in the share link and only one other person is having the same issue through our LMS. I even had her try to clear her cookies, history and unblocked her pop-up blocker. Any other ideas or suggestions of what could cause this?

Crystal Horn

Those are great troubleshooting steps, Robert. Does the LMS allow you to reset her progress on this course at all? That is a bit of a burden for your learner, but I wonder if starting fresh would undo any weirdness (technical term .

You could also have her try on another machine, or a mobile device, if those options are available to her!