block templates: not standard share with team

Jul 07, 2021

Hi everyone, we are using articulate teams for over 2 years and using the block templates a lot. But in a normal workflow you don't want to share the block templates for each situation with your whole team. Some users do not see or forgetting in a hurry to check of the marker "share with team". This resulting in a mess in the block templates which are available. Is it possible to change the setting that sharing a blocktemplate with your team is an extra action of the user. This to create awareness if you want to share it.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Koen. Thank you for sharing what's happening with your team. I'll share the idea of having "Share with team" unchecked by default!

In the meantime, when people want to view the existing block templates, they can filter by individual team members as well as search by template name.

If you wanted to have folks help clean up what's currently available, they can filter to their own name, and edit their templates to uncheck "Share with team" on content that shouldn't be in everyone's template list. I hope that helps!