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Feb 26, 2020



I am working with Rise 360 SCORM exports to Talent LMS. With gap-fill exercise, if there is an apostrophe inserted on an iOS mobile device (tablet or mobile), Rise 360 is not recognising it as an apostrophe and therefore marking it incorrect even though it should be marked correct.

For clarity, the correct answer is: isn't

Talent LMS have investigated this and say that the issue is iOS inserts a curly apostrophe as opposed to a straight one, so the Rise package isn't recognising it as an apostrophe.

Are yoiu aware of this bug and are there any plans to fix it?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Neil. We're seeing the same thing when testing in SCORM Cloud. Let me document this for our team to review.

In the meantime, turning off the "Smart Punctuation" on your iOS devices will help. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard, and then turn off the “Smart Punctuation” toggle.

I know that's not ideal for your users, so we'll keep you posted!

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