Button Interaction "Send an Email" closes course window in LMS

In SCORMCloud and in Saba, when a user clicks on a button that is configured to Send an Email, it closes the course window.  It does this in Chrome, but not in IE or Safari. The Rise Course was published in SCORM 1.2

Of course with the limited config options for this, I'm guessing there's a glitch under the hood with the associated window-handling methods.   I sure would love to keep my users in the course, though.  Any tips for a workaround?  (I've seen URL shortening but don't know if that's viable in this case, especially with the client)



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Patrick,

Are you looking for that function to open a new tab or window to send the email? That option is something specific to each browser and even an individual users settings, so I don't have a method to force it from within Rise. 

I'll keep my eyes out for any creative community solutions that could work for you! 

Patrick Sloan

The (universally) expected behavior of any mailto: link is to open the associated email client for the browser, most commonly set to be the default mail-handling client on the local system.  The link should not do ANYTHING with the window.   So, yes, I'm clear that this generally is configured on the client side. But generally speaking, these types of links are not known to close parent windows, and judging by the fact that the parent window does NOT close in other browsers led me to alert you about the inconsistency.