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Feb 09, 2018

i am building a course in Rise with blocks and use the button block to take the learner to the next course.. instead of a blocks format for one lesson, i want to use the quiz format in Rise because it has more options than the knowledge block.. 

my question is, i do not see how to put a "next lesson" button at the bottom of the quiz to take learners to the next lesson... can you not mix Rise interactions with blocks? if yuo chose blocks, then it has to be all blocks for all lessons in that course?


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Christine Hounsham

Hi Mary

If you 'Preview' your course (or an individual lesson) you will see in preview mode that at the end of each lesson there is a link to take the learner to the next lesson.  This link is auto added at the bottom of every lesson in Rise regardless of the type (ie Block or interaction etc). 

If you just want to direct the learner to the next lesson, I wouldn't worry about adding a button and would instead just let the auto next link do the job. 

NB: you can see this next link when in preview mode, published files or in Articulate Review. (but not in edit mode)

Hope this helps.  Ta Christine


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