Camtasia Interactive Video & Rise


I am trying to upload an interactive Camtasia video into a Rise course. The video is playing, but the interactions are not working. 

1. Should I place the interactive video in Storyline, save it as a SCORM file and then add it as a block to Rise? 

2. If I don't export the Rise course for an LMS, but publish in Rise and use the URL link only, will the interactions work?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Camtasia's video isn't interactive. It uses a player that plays the video and overlays the interactive elements. When you upload the video into Rise, you are only uploading the video.

You have a couple of options:

  1. You could put the published interactive video onto a web server and use an iframe and the embed block in Rise.
  2. You could publish the interactive video in Camtasia. Change the main html file to index.html and then use a web object in Storyline. And then embed that into Rise as a Storyline block.

Depending on what it is, it may be easier to insert the video into Storyline and then build the interactive part in Storyline and use a Storyline block.